Dental Cleanings/Prophylaxis
Our licensed Registered Dental Hygienists (RDH) provide dental cleanings up to 2 visits per school year. This includes scaling (as needed), polishing, and flossing just as one would receive at a regular dental visit! 

The RDH completes an oral cancer screening by thoroughly checking all the areas of soft tissue (cheeks, throat, gums & lips) for any suspicious lesions. During the screening, the RDH also checks each individual tooth for any suspected areas of exposed dentin (possible cavities) that we may require us to recommend outside treatment. 

Fluoride Varnish
A gel-like coating (Sodium Fluoride Varnish) is applied to the teeth that help in the prevention of cavities. The application takes approximately 30 seconds and the effects of the varnish can last between 3-6 months to help keep cavities away!

This treatment is typically recommended as soon as the 6-year molars appear and again when 12-year molars erupt. A resin-based material flows into the cracks and grooves of the molars on the bite surfaces. A light is used to harden this material. By having sealants placed, the risk of getting sugary or carb-containing foods trapped in those grooves is greatly reduced. Cavity-causing bacteria love to snack on trapped foods and then release acid. This acid causes the tooth to get cavities. 

Silver Diamine Fluoride*
If the cavity-causing bacteria and acid start to make their way through the first layer of the tooth (enamel), that part of the tooth doesn’t come back on its own. Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) is a liquid treatment that may be recommended for these areas to stop those spots from getting any worse. By slowing the suspected cavities down, there is more time to seek a dentist for care and also reduce the risk of the tooth becoming sensitive. 

*We contact families for additional consent before applying this product

Dental Office Partnership Referrals
When the RDH finds an area of concern or your child is experiencing discomfort, we will send the referral form home with them. This form contains a list of dentists we have partnered with that can be reached out to for assistance.